Is The Giulia Quadrifoglio Still As Good The Second Time Around?

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It’s Italian, rear-wheel drive (God knows we’ve been waiting for this to happen ...

It’s Italian, rear-wheel drive (God knows we’ve been waiting for this to happen too long), it’s got the numbers to scare the M3 and… it’s an all-new Alfa Romeo. What’s not to like about the Giulia?

It depends. It’s easy to be smitten by all of the above, and especially when you drive it at its birthplace for the first time.

The thing is, it’s taking Alfa the awful lot of time to actually bring it to a market; moreover, once you get past the excitement of the initial launch, and it’s not uncommon to start noticing some foibles you might have initially missed.

Silverstone is as far removed from Balocco as possible, this particular example comes with the standard steel brakes, plus the 8-speed ZF auto box, which will be a sole option in Blightly.

By now, we know the facts by heart: the twin-turbo V6 with 503 HP that’s good for the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in the smidge under 4.0 seconds, Ferrari engineering… the lot.

So, does the Giulia in top QV form feel as good a second time around, or, now that the novelty factor has worn off, are there drawbacks that have begun to surface?

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