Gold McLaren 570S With Armytrix Ceramic Coated Decatted Down Pipes

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While it obviously takes the while for aftermarket developers to get their hands ...

While it obviously takes the while for aftermarket developers to get their hands on the brand new supercar models, McLaren’s 570S has now exited that too-fresh-to-touch area, and here we are, bringing you one of these Woking machines that have been gifted with the custom exhaust.

This McLaren 570S has been abducted by Malaysian-based Armytrix, forced to wear one of the company’s most extreme pieces of hardware, and namely the decatted exhaust.

Of course, such the exhaust doesn’t mean the legal requirement for being used on street, this isn’t the first example of this kind that we get from the tuning world.

The setup could also explain a Woking machine’s vaping moves, the one we get to see during a start-up phase. While the setup present here does make the 570S’ voice the tad more aggressive, we can’t say it tickles our decibel bone.

For one thing, we are still dealing with one of the least entertaining soundtracks in the supercar business.

You see, McLarens have come the long way since their 2011 road car rebirth, and, since the Brits still use the otherwise awesome Ricardo-supplied 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, and you can expect their vehicles to sound all that enticing, with or without catalytic converters – however, here’s the drifting example that demonstrates the great progress mentioned here.

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