A Very Good Reason To Always Wear The Right Riding Gear!

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Wearing the right gear when riding the motorcycle is one smart choice, regardless ...

Wearing the right gear when riding the motorcycle is one smart choice, regardless of what kind of bike one rides or how experienced she or he might be.

While some motorcyclists take things really seriously are gear up from head to toe even if they are out for the ride in the city, some might believe this is the bit overkill.

Now, such the debate could go on forever, would fail to reach the point of this piece, so we are not going there.

However, the video below show how useful wearing motorcycle gear when you are riding out of town for the afternoon ride is, and how easily the turn which seems to be just like any other bend in the road can put the end to the riding fun.

Turns with varying apex are one of the biggest dangers for unaware riders and who also do some miles above the recommended speed for that portion of the road. I’m not mentioning a legal speed limit because this matter falls outside the topic, as well.

Basically, this fellow went down because he was kind of left without any choices in mid-turn. The approach was made at the fairly high speed for this bike and turn: 50 mph is close to the limit the very skilled motorcyclist could ride the dual-sport-ish bike around the sharp bend, in this case, it looks like the main issue. Braking in an attempt to slow down to the safe speed didn’t help cornering, and leaning was not enough, either.

And dragging the foot peg sealed the fate of the rider, sending him into the low-side, a much less nasty outcome than hitting a guard rail or high-siding from excessive braking. This rider seems to agree that jeans and sneakers are the bad choice for motorcycle gear and heading out for the canyons.

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