This Gorgeous 1975 Porsche 914 Is The Perfect Everyday Cruiser!

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In case you never owned a classic car, you probably wouldn’t understand ...

In case you never owned a classic car, you probably wouldn’t understand what’s so special about this 1975 Porsche 914. From the outside, it looks brand new, but apart from the nice exterior, this is a truly exciting little vehicle!

While most Porsche cars have a reputation of being ultimate track-oriented road warriors, this one is definitely different. It doesn’t sport a massive turbocharger, nor any wild body kits, it’s simply a wonderful classic car! Naturally, you wouldn’t exactly win a ton of drag races in it, but for everyday cruiser, it’s just perfect!

As usual, it will be presented by Matt Farah, through his one take Youtube series, and alongside him, we see another familiar face. In case you have been following the show, you will recognize Karl Muth, the owner of one stunning Jaguar XJ. Today, he brought his fiancee’s ride, and it’s spotless. Unlike the original, it sports a bit larger 1920 cc engine, compared to the 1800cc of the stock unit.

Other than that, some basic modification complete the picture of one sublime Porsche 914. What a magnificent ride!

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