Gorgeous Model Tety Tudor Scares Kids With A McLaren 12C

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What would your reaction be if the top model asks you to open the door of her ...

What would your reaction be if the top model asks you to open the door of her vehicle? I would definitely freeze for the while and then would complete the task completely baffled, acting cool.

Don’t fool yourself that you would react differently. As the matter of fact, that’s exactly what Tety Tudor – a top model and the passionate car lover told the little kids, who of course were very excited! And, who wouldn`t?! And it isn’t the normal city car but one exotic McLaren!

At first, these little fellas were struggling to open the door, on the count on that they are scissor door. Well ,seems like this was their first encounter with doors that type. Anyway, when one of the children got in, he immediately tried to sound a horn, which is both sweet and funny situation.

What follows are 30 seconds of delight! Depending on what you consider as such. This model then asks the children if they would like to hear the vehicle running.

After the expected positive answer, she starts it and does some revs! And pay attention to the kids’ faces! Their reaction is priceless! And they will definitely remember this situation for a long, long time.

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