We Got Duped: 9 Cars That Aren’t As Fast As They Look

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Here are 9 examples of cars that have fooled us into thinking they were fast. Some ...

Here are 9 examples of cars that have fooled us into thinking they were fast. Some vehicles have been designed and built to look fast, but even if you floor the throttle nothing really happens because they lack the oomph to back up their sleek and fast-looking exteriors. They are in fact the complete opposite of sleepers.

However, we cannot blame car manufacturers for designing automobiles that look fast, even if they don’t have enough firepower under the hood. Looks often help prospective clients develop their first impressions. Often, such impressions are quite deceptive, as automakers make their cars look like rockets on wheels, but then equip them with engines that can’t cash the check that the cars’ looks write. In fact, some cars appear so quick and agile that it can be surprising, and even appalling, to find out just how slow and sluggish they are.

Watch the video to see 9 cars that look fast but would leave you utterly disappointed when you get behind the wheel. They simply don’t have the performance to match their insanely sporty looks.

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