The Grand Tour New Trailer Promises Many Dangers

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They are at it again. Jeremy, Richard, and May are just mocking around in the ...

They are at it again. Jeremy, Richard, and May are just mocking around in the newest Grand Tour trailer telling us one thing and one thing only – something will go horribly wrong. Cut scenes from the future episodes show us that they did some crazy things while trying to film the best car show the planet has ever seen.

What we have here is the ultimate representation of all the dangers they faced. The latest video bears the name of The Grand Tour: Utter Chaos.

But you won’t see any chaos, only Jeremy, Richard, and May telling us that everything went wrong. We actually believe them. In some previous trailers, we saw that the team smashed 27 cars, drove some extreme distances with for the shooting and did many wrongdoings with cars.

The first show will be a proper gearhead nirvana as all three will embark on a journey of exploration of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spyder, and the McLaren P1.

These three cars are the best there are and if you watched Top Gear, we can only say that we may find out will do Jeremy became Jenniffer. Can’t wait for the start of the most thrilling car frenzy in history.

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