Grandma Drives 900 Horsepower Corvette… Even Does A Burnout!

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From within the questionable depths of YouTube, we bring you the tale of a ...

From within the questionable depths of YouTube, we bring you the tale of a grandmother who can drive the stick, with her skills having been recently been put to the test with the help of the 900 hp Chevrolet Corvette.

YouTuber Cleetus McFarland decided to lend his boosted ‘Corvette to his grandma, ensuring she got comfortable with the monster before the hooning kicked off. The vlogger took the process literally, adding some hefty seat padding in the form of the pillow or two.

Mixing the clutch with the level of power mentioned above would’ve been enough of the challenge for the senior driver, so why not throw in some extra spice?

To be more precise, the adventure saw this Chevy hitting the road with the triple-digit speed as a target. It is worth mentioning this was set by the new driver, not the YouTuber riding shotgun.

So, was a gas pedal play legal? Of course it wasn’t and we have to explain the simple way of keeping things safe and just as exciting would have been to hit the track while riding the rev limiter.

Then there’s the burnout – the world wide web is loaded with clips of such stunts that end up generating clutch, instead of rubber smoke and the newfound output of the Vette doesn’t make things easy for the one behind the steering wheel.

The 900 horsepower Corvette lived to tell the tale and, if you are feeling prepared to give the elderly member of your family the call after watching this video, make sure to book a track session.

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