Great Debate Of The Day! Who’s At Fault In This Case?

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It is not uncommon today to see some people riding on the motorcycles to overtake ...

It is not uncommon today to see some people riding on the motorcycles to overtake vehicles outside the traffic lane.

In this video you’ll see two motorcyclists riding on their Yamaha R1 bikes doing the dangerous overtake ignoring all risks.

Doing so, they almost got hit by another vehicle driving in the same direction that was trying to overtake. And it seems that the bike riders were in the awful lot of hurry so they had every right to pull out this.

I can only congratulate these stupid and careless bikers who managed to save the incredible 3 minutes of their journey on the road and endangered everybody. Well, I guess someone needs to go back to school and repeat his driving lessons, learn how to be more aware of other participants in the traffic.

Driving laws state you must first look behind if there is some 1 passing you or giving the signal to pass you, you must than let them first. Learn your laws, can save someones live someday! Good luck boys!

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