Gutted Tesla P100D Causes Problems – $1900 Cash Days Street Race

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As Tesla Motors grows, and do the aftermarket players massaging its EVs. So far, ...

As Tesla Motors grows, and do the aftermarket players massaging its EVs. So far, when it comes to a tech stuff, you will have to turn to the gray area of the market in search for the extra performance. You can use the Model S P100D you see here as the example of how far things have been taken so far.

We have been talking about the Model S for quite some time now, and with the EV being owned by the crew over at the Tesla Racing Channel. These guys take their YouTuber channel name seriously, with the P100D spending most of its time on a drag strip.

This video shows you the P100D playing the legal street racing game, meaning that the battles it engages in involve going down a strip backward. So there is no prepper surface to help with the take-off.

That won’t be the issue for this Tesla, though, since the machine has been gifted with the Mickey Thompson drag radials that come with the 285 section, while the factory wheels were swapped for 19×10-inch BBS rims.

The serious diet that the 4,600 lbs Model S P100D has been put on is just as important. And to be more specific, the electric machine has lost no less than 360 lbs.

We don’t want to ruin the fun of this video, so all we can tell you is that, before the vehicle had received its drag radials, it managed to pull the 10.44s quarter-mile run.

Nevertheless, this vlogger behind the wheel of the P100D doesn’t seem to mind the rather loose surface. We can say the same about the racecar drivers that fight him while doing a RWD grip dance.

Oh, and did we mention these guys are racing for cash?

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