Gutted Tesla Vs Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang In The Finals!

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Ever wondered what happens when the Tesla Model S driver decides to crash the ...

Ever wondered what happens when the Tesla Model S driver decides to crash the street racing party? No, the question isn’t odd, we even have an example of such the stunt.

We are looking at your typical loaded street outlaw night, and with this packing plenty of machines that could go well below the 10s mark at a drag strip.

Nevertheless, hooking up on the street is the totally different adventure, this is where the all-wheel-drive P100D steps in.

As those of you tuned into our Tesla drag racing tales might have already guessed, well, this is the half-racecar Model S we have discussed on tons of occasions.

The electric vehicle’s greatest enemy, namely its 4,600 lbs scale footprint, and has been addressed, with the Model S going through a diet that has seen the vehicle losing 360 lbs.

To be more precise, most of cabin elements of the Palo Alto machine have been taken out of the vehicle, with the cabin now housing the pair of aluminum racing seats, while a dashboard is still present.

Then there is the connection to the road – this Tesla now spots 19×10-inch BBS rims, and which are shod in Mickey Thompson drag radials featuring the 285 section.

Since we mentioned the drag strip above, we will add that, last time this Tesla Model S P100D went for official 1,320 feet adventures, the EV managed to deliver the 10.44s run.

Interestingly, the Tesla made its way to the finals on the night of the race. The said race saw the Model S P100D duking it out with the twin-turbo Coyote-animated Mustang.

And yes, the bets, be they between the racers or side gambles, and were obviously there. As you can imagine, such stunts can easily lead to tense moments, this street racing episode was no exception.

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