This Guy Assembled His Very Own ATV For Only $50

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Little does true creativity on boundaries, and the video below is a great way to ...

Little does true creativity on boundaries, and the video below is a great way to prove it. We have seen quite a lot of makeshift machinery coming from Russia, some of it was really hilarious.

However, this Ural/Dnepr-powered DIY ATV looks really cool, and despite the fact that it’s still the long shot from the prototype stage.

It surely is very heavy, and judging by the welded steel front end, but we definitely have to give these guys the big hand for the result.

Watch the way all the wheels seem to track a ground unevennes: even from such early stage we can hope for good tire contact, the essential asset for any off-road machine.

Now, the absence of any sort of exhaust is definitely not the good solution, as you can actually see flames coming out the exhaust valve ports and this meas they will set any bodywork on fire, save for the sheet metal one. Which would most likely become red hot at times, anyway.

Nice try, but there is still much to do. Maybe they should start with the fuel tank: open flames and the PET bottle filled with petrol? Things can really go messy!

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