Guy Delivered The Portuguese Cup Match Ball By Flying In On A Drone

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While most of us were having the fun, classic Memorial Day weekend replete with ...

While most of us were having the fun, classic Memorial Day weekend replete with barbecues and friends and the few cold beers, soccer fans in Portugal’s capital were treated to something far more futuristic—the actual, flying hoverboard being ridden.

And no, we don’t mean these little things that became trendy last year, arrived with all sorts of controversy.

This thing is a real deal—a multi-rotor drone flying through the air being piloted not remotely, and from atop it. For those of you thinking Back to the Future right now, you have nailed it.

We have reported on similar drones and attempts of producing the actual hoverboards before, where pilot and drone are not separated by distance, and are instead traversing the skies together.

This seems to have raised the bar, regarding ways of how to commemorate the soccer cup final. How can you beat the man flying through the air on the machine straight out of your childhood dreams?

As you can see from this video, the unnamed pilot zipped through Lisbon’s National Stadium to kick off a Portuguese Cup Final between Benfica Lisbon and Vitoria de Guimarães by hand-delivering the match ball to the ref after the admirably smooth landing aside the pitch.

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