Guy Newmark’s 1964 Porsche 356 Finally Hits 1000000 Miles

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Most vehicles struggle to make it over 100,000 miles in their lifetimes. Deferred ...

Most vehicles struggle to make it over 100,000 miles in their lifetimes. Deferred maintenance, rust, general lack of care allow most of them to fade away, be forgotten.

This Porsche 356 is different, though, because it is just crossed to fabled million-miles-driven mark. Well, Guy Newmark, owner of this stunning 1960s blue Coupe, received the car as the graduation gift from his father, who bought the vehicle from its original owner mere months after it was built.

For almost 50 years, and he’s been driving it anywhere he needed to go, putting the astonishing number of miles in the process. And because it’s daily-driven, Guy Newmark maintains his 356 religiously, having it serviced every 3000 miles like clockwork.

As the result, the car still drives wonderfully and reliably, even as the odometer rolls over into a seventh digit.

Porsche put together the wonderful video showcasing the life of Newmark with his 356, and even films the magical million-mile moment. And it just goes to show, proper maintenance can go a long way. A testament to quality. I’m glad I am a member of the Porsche family. Great story.

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