Guy Selects Reverse At 70MPH To Answer A Stupid Question

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Putting the car into reverse while driving on the freeway is one of the dumbest ...

Putting the car into reverse while driving on the freeway is one of the dumbest things you can do. In the older car, you are virtually guaranteed to destroy the transmission.

But what about in the newer model? YouTuber AutoVlog decided to risk it all—all being his Ford Fusion—in the attempt to answer that very question.

While doing 70 mph on the public highway he threw his Fusion into neutral and then reverse. The result, let’s just say it was underwhelming.

Trust us, that’s not the spoiler in the least. You should still watch this video, though, if only to see the look on this YouTuber’s face when he first attempts this stunt.

It turns out that Ford knew some people might try and do something as dumb as to throw the car into reverse while cruising on the highway.

On the Fusion all this does is activate a backup camera. The vehicle doesn’t grenade itself and there seems to be no perceptible difference in how it operates, and almost as if it’s in neutral.

This type of test is stupid on its own. The fact that it was conducted on the public highway makes this guy even dumber.

Unless he knew ahead of time what a result would be. Then he’s just the phony. Either way, now you know what will happen if the Fusion is put into reverse while doing 70 mph.

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