Guy on SUPERMOTO “Chased” by Police on Mulholland Highway!

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The scenic Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles County has witnessed some pretty ...

The scenic Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles County has witnessed some pretty weird things unfold over the years, particularly on the corner featured in this footage, where YouTuber RNickeyMouse focused his camera and captured another bizarre event.

A police officer was driving up the road, with his lights blaring and sirens lit up, as he responds to an emergency. All of a sudden, a supermoto driver, with his music blasting, pulled out right in front of the surprised officer! It’s either he didn’t even hear the siren of the police cruiser or he simply didn’t care because he kept on going, speeding around the “Snake” section of the famous highway as the red and blues shine on behind him with a confused cop who’s likely trying to figure out what the heck is going through the guy’s brain!

The officer was just a short distance behind the supermoto so everyone there thought it was a chase. What’s more hilarious is that the unsuspecting rider pulled over for a second run and the officer continued on! The folks out there thought the rider hid as the officer passed. When the rider hit the road anew, he had no idea what was going on!

Check out the video below and watch the amusing turn of events that had everyone convinced was a police chase.

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