This Guy Swapped An Cadillac Escalade Motor Inside This Porsche

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This man came up with a greatest solution when the engine of his Porsche blew up. ...

This man came up with a greatest solution when the engine of his Porsche blew up. And now, what would you do in such the situation? Another used engine for this Porsche is around $5,000, so it is far from cheap.

If you lack the resources you’ll have to improve. That is what this guy did, improvisation at its best. So, he swapped the engine with something even better.

He managed to neatly fit the V8 Chevy engine out of the Cadillac Escalade. Now, we can’t really tell how this guy managed to mount this engine in this Porsche’s back mount engine bay. Nevertheless, it is obvious that he did the brilliant job.

Now, this Porsche that runs the V8 Chevy engine in the back is more powerful than ever! Now, he has the car that has more cylinders and also cheaper maintenance. Well, smart thinking from this gearhead.

However, the fine tuning doesn’t here. And he also went as far as adding nitrous to the V8 and in order to make it even faster down a dragstrip.

Now, this RWD, back mounted engine Porsche powered by the LS is the ultimate sleeper. We can see this Porsche tearing down the 1/8 mile drag track.

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