Haha! Dodge Cummins Towing A Nissan In The Sand Is One Epic Laugh

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This pickup truck got quite unlucky after a Dodge Cummins offered some help that ...

This pickup truck got quite unlucky after a Dodge Cummins offered some help that turned out to be one hilarious fail. It’s a Nissan getting towed by a Dodge in the Pismo Beach sand in a way only a like-minded dumbass would probably try to copy.

It seems both owners of the truck didn’t know a few basics in towing not to mention the Dodge driver has no proper knowledge how to drive in the sand. First, the Dodge was flooring it like hell in the sand almost inviting itself to be stuck in a hole. In fact, the Dodge almost got stuck probably thinking a rollin’ coal revving like that would be so cool. Good thing it was able to avoid being stuck through a change in direction, but that proved to be a start of an epic fail.

When the Dodge changed its steer, it was that very moment the much-awaited event happened. The Nissan’s bumper bid a final goodbye. Well, it was definitely gonna happen soon after the towing started but it held up until the change of direction. Poor Nissan.

So here folks is how you to tow and drive in the sand if you’re a complete retarded. Check it out!

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