Hamilton 2017 Vs 2016 Pole Lap Onboard – F1 Australian GP

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By now, most of us are aware that 2017 F1 cars are faster than their predecessors, ...

By now, most of us are aware that 2017 F1 cars are faster than their predecessors, being able to corner at the higher speeds thanks to their high levels of downforce.

However, there is more to that story than just high cornering speeds. Increased levels of downforce can have adverse effects on straight line speed, and which is what we are getting from this split screen video comparison between Lewis’ 2017 pole lap with one from last season.

In fact, there seems to be very little separation between the vehicles on the straights. The 2017 racer pulls ahead in the corners, yes, and the 2016 car catches up speed-wise once it is had enough room to accelerate.

You can see this happening on the straight following a first chicane. By the time the cars reach the next turn, both vehicles are moving at the same pace, roughly 195 mph (315 km/h).

Naturally, a new car never gives up its lead throughout the lap, and it doesn’t appear to be quicker in the straight line than last year’s championship-winning W07 Hybrid.

As for the difference in pole times, we are looking at 1:22.188 for 2017 and 1:23.837. Well, this means that someone like Max Verstappen, who qualified P5 with the 1:23.485 last weekend, would have taken pole in Melbourne last year.

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