This Handmade MS-1 Tank Is A Recreation of Vintage Soviet Design

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The MS-1 tank, like the all tanks before World War Two, was basically crap. It was ...

The MS-1 tank, like the all tanks before World War Two, was basically crap. It was the tin can on tracks that could only scare the fearful chicken. They had virtually no armor, their offensive capabilities were limited.

If you are a World of Tanks player, you will know the MS-1 as the Tier I Russian tank, the one you thankfully only have to play for three missions or so, and until you get enough experience to unlock the next one.

It’s the painful experience that reminds you of when you were little, you were pretending that cardboard box was the tank. It felt similar.

These guys from UFO Garage set out to build the replica of this two-man tank for reasons only they or whoever speaks Russian can understand.

Since it’s the replica, it has no historical value, so museums are out of the question, and it could still be used for demonstrative purposes or even in the movies, as it definitely looks the par.

It’ll never cease to amaze me what people can do as long as they have the shed, some tools, plenty of knowledge, even more spare time on their hands. Oh, and passion. And tons and tons of plywood, apparently.

If the original MS-1 tank was the joke in terms of armor, the one these guys made would feel more at home on IKEA’s shelves than on a battlefield: apart from the steel tubes frame, it is covered in plywood and all those rivets you see there are fake, and carefully placed there by hand and held in place with screws. Ok, so there’s some metal after all.

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