This Happened When A Morgan Pulled Out In Front Of Another Driver

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What we have here is the Morgan hastily and imprudently pulling out of the ...

What we have here is the Morgan hastily and imprudently pulling out of the junction; Peugeot 206 comes in hot, driver of this Peugeot hits brakes and horn at the same time, but to no avail.

While that Pug’s momentum may have had the lot to do with this accident, it is possible that less honking and more steering could have made the difference in the end.

According to the description of this video, the speed limit on this particular patch of road is 50 mph – though it’s really hard to tell if that Peugeot 206 was doing more than 50. Let’s stick with innocent until proven guilty, shall we?

The person who caught this incident on camera states that the ‘Morgan tried to accelerate to get in front of this Peugeot. However the Peugeot was going down hill, the Morgan was trying to speed up the hill, so the momentum was on neither of their sides.”

While we really wish this driver of the French hatchback hadn’t planted one of his hands on the horn under heavy braking, this person behind the wheel of the Morgan is clearly the one who’s at fault for this accident. And he’s also lucky that 206 didn’t end up on top of him.

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