This Is What Happens When You Are Good To Your Wife!

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My wife once surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band playing the concert ...

My wife once surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band playing the concert in my favorite ballpark. It was the amazing gift, an amazing show, I am very happy that my wife bought that for the past birthday.

I would be even happier if she would purchased a car for me, although that is asking a lot. It’s not too much for this couple, however, because this wife just surprised her husband with the amazing new machine in the garage.

This YouTube-famous couple are known for playing plenty of pranks on each other. And the wife starts out the video by surprising her husband with the new car.

It turns out to be the scale version of the McLaren P1 GTR. As he’s jokingly admiring his new toy vehicle, the garage slowly lifts up behind him.

That is where the real toy sits. It’s the brand-spanking-new McLaren 650S, and it’s finished in the bright yellow paint scheme with black trim bits.

The husband is floored and he declares that this is his dream vehicle. It’s a heck of the ride and one amazing way to be surprised by the loving wife.

Now hopefully he finds the way to return the favor, and he better be reaching deep into that wallet of his. This is what happens when you are good to your wife.

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