This Is What Happens When You Park Your Corvette Like A Knob

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It doesn’t matter if you are driving the old worn decrepit vehicle or a high ...

It doesn’t matter if you are driving the old worn decrepit vehicle or a high dollar sports car. Absolutely no one likes the man who is parking like the idiot and taking up precious parking space that many others in need could use!

These people who are so inconsiderate should be targeted, put to shame for their actions. And they definitely shouldn’t get away with it. In the video below, we can see a scene where one uncaring Vette driver decided to park like the boss and takes away precious parking space.

But, for this inconsiderate parking situation the car wasn’t towed by the tow truck. In fact, for this inconsiderate parking, the sports vehicle was towed by a truck`s driver who is simply fed up with drivers like this.

It is a case of the Dodge Ram driver who is definitely doesn’t waiting for the tow truck to arrive. He decides to tow the Vette away himself!

He hooked up the towing chains and started yanking the sports vehicle into a less invasive space. Maybe some of you may find this measure a bit extreme. However, we’re sure that this Vette driver will now think twice before parking in an invasive spot like this!

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