A Harley-Davidson In A Ford? This ’32 Roadster Is Sure Badass And Cool!

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If a 1932 Ford Roadster hot rod feels mainstream for you, then this badass little ...

If a 1932 Ford Roadster hot rod feels mainstream for you, then this badass little Ford build is probably all you need. It’s a cool ’32 Roadster featuring an unusual engine choice sure to revive your interest and enthusiasm towards such Ford rides.

This car is a build that proves Ford and Harley-Davidson can harmoniously work together to bring out a sick and unique creation. It’s a Roadster that offers the best of both worlds with the Harley-Davidson engine fitted up front. It may be different and unusual but not an inch of it looks off. The motor fits like a glove and it’ll definitely be worthwhile to know how the owner assembled and adjusted the Harley-Davidson motor for that Roadster.

This Ford rides low and I can only imagine the fun while cruising it in the streets. It’s clean, simple and straight featuring no bling and frills.The inside doesn’t have much room but certainly sufficient enough for an enjoyable one-man or maybe two-man ride.

Wanna see this wicked hybrid ride too? Check it all for yourself through the video shared below.

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