Heavy Weights In The Light Car Segment, Kia Rio Vs Mazda 2

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Kia believes the new Rio is the amazing little car. But so far, European reviews ...

Kia believes the new Rio is the amazing little car. But so far, European reviews have criticized it for being lackluster. Well, can it perform better Down Under in the comparison with the Mazda2?

The short answer is no. Because the Aussies expect the few premium qualities from all their vehicles, both hatchbacks in this test are configured as automatics. But the Mazda2 has the 6-speed while the Rio is stuck with the same old 4-speed.

I want to be honest with you guys. And many years ago when finances were the little tight, I was considering downgrading to the Rio.

It was cheap and looked cool, and the 4-speed was a deal breaker, and the manual wasn’t the much better option. I can also tell you that Renault and Ford also had 4-speed auto gearboxes up until 2012 or so when they began playing with a Getrag dry clutch DSG alternative.

The 4-speed auto also hurts fuel economy quite badly. We know that a 1-liter turbo model with the twin-clutch gearbox is on its way and cannot get here fast enough!

The Mazda2 is not what you would call the best-in-class. However, it charmed me over with an honest manual and the revvy 1.5-liter engine.

The ride is a little stiff, and Motoring’s review says that the Rio is unacceptable regarding acceleration, even though it was tuned for the local roads.

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