Helicopter Takes Water From A Nearby Pool To Help Fight A Forest Fire

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Imagine you are living in your dream house residence and in some elite part of the ...

Imagine you are living in your dream house residence and in some elite part of the city. The view from your yard is stunning, like the natural terrace in front of you is the untouched forest and at the edge of your yard is the swimming pool. Really peaceful and joyful place for living.

You are out of the traffic jam, all that terrible noise, like you are hidden from the outer world and you enjoy your privacy and safety.

Well, but one day you notice that something is sucking the water from your swimming pool and what could that be?
It is not the robbery because there aren’t any traces that lead to that and at the end, who would want water, and instead the burglars would steal something worthy from your residence.

And you’ll say, Never mind, it’s just water! But day by day the doubts are getting bigger as a water level is going down!

You start to suspect everything, maybe a pool is not built by the standards, until one morning, you are waking up and you see the helicopter sucking the water! OMG, but why, is that water precious?

Yeah, it can be said like that but the helicopter is the hero, in order to shorten the way to the nearest lake and refuel a water tank for fighting the fire he found the water source near the fire! Play this video to see our hero!

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