Here’s Why The AWESOME Holden Ute Should’ve Been Sold In The USA

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Australian automotive industry isn’t really well known in the USA, but there ...

Australian automotive industry isn’t really well known in the USA, but there is one expert that thinks the Ozzies at least deserve an honorable mention. As if you had any doubt, we’re talking about Autotrader’s Doug DeMuro. This dude always enjoyed driving quirky vehicles, and they don’t get much stranger than Holden Ute.

Some individuals call it a sports car; others are more inclined to consider it a pickup truck, but the truth is somewhere in the middle. Unlike a proper pickup, Ute has a very low suspension, but the towing capacity still remains pretty impressive, as it can carry a 1,000 lbs load in the back!

When it comes to performances, Holden Ute is certainly a very capable vehicle. A massive 6.0 V8 engine, capable of producing 360 horsepower pushes this monster from 0-60 mph in only 5.5 seconds! Ultimately, it’s a weird mix that’s great on so many levels.

Although it shares multiple parts with Pontiac, the Ute is an entirely different beast. Trust me, this Australian car is something special. Are you a fan of these small sporty pickups?

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