Here’s A BMW E36 Nurburgring Crash That’ll Get You Right In The Feels

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By definition, the Nurburgring Nordschleife is packed with the turns that just ...

By definition, the Nurburgring Nordschleife is packed with the turns that just can’t wait to expose a driver’s every weakness, with a possibility of crashing your ride literally being around the corner. However, some twists deliver accidents that are easier to watch than others.

When it comes to Schwredenkreutz, this downhill section of the Green Hell can produce some of the most agonizing accidents. We are here to give you the latest example of such a crash, one that can easily serve as the driving lesson – the what not to do in case the rear end steps out kind.

It all involves the E36 BMW 3 Series compact whose driver falls for a classic tail-out trap at Schwredenkreutz. However, had the guy slammed the brakes and held on for dear life, he might have had better chances of escaping with his vehicle in one piece.

Instead, the man went through what seems like the overly long struggle, doing his best to keep the senior Bimmer from hitting the barrier on the side of the track. Alas, the mix of slow reactions and overcorrection led to just that – an impact.

And this is where the driver’s lack of track experience is exposed and there’s a 100 percent remedy for that: sticking to a kind of speeds that won’t deliver such trouble and taking baby steps towards learning car control.

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