Here’s How to Build an F1 Race Car from Matches Without Glue!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Artistic people have a variety of ways to express themselves, regardless of the ...

Artistic people have a variety of ways to express themselves, regardless of the medium available at their disposal. This time around, we get to see an artist creating an F1 race car using several hundred pieces of matchsticks!

It’s a pleasure to watch the race car come to life as the matches are assembled to create each part and eventually put together to create a real-life version of the Formula 1 car. What’s more remarkable is the fact that the entire masterpiece was crafted without using a single drop of glue! You can just imagine all the planning, skill and creativity that goes into building this work of art.

And while the end product is certainly a joy to behold,  it all goes down in a jiffy as the maker opts to do what is supposed to be done with matches…light them up and set the whole thing on fire! Watching it burn to ashes is equally disheartening as as it is childishly entertaining, but perhaps it just adds more flare and artistic outlook as the project comes to an end when it’s set ablaze.

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