Here’s Why The Ferrari F355 Is One Of The Most Special Supercars Ever Made!

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The world’s most famous supercars come from Italy, that’s a well known ...

The world’s most famous supercars come from Italy, that’s a well known fact. While Americans know how to create a stupidly powerful and entertaining muscle car, and the Germans rule in the luxury sedan world, Italians simply excel at creating the most amazing dream machines imaginable.

Among them, one manufacturer reigns supreme, and it’s undoubtedly Ferrari. It’s virtually impossible to select the greatest Ferrari of all time, but very few votes would go to the F355. So, what’s the reason why the famous automotive expert Doug DeMuro enjoys it so much?

Well, in case you were wondering, the performances aren’t exatcly spectacular. This Ferrari is more a sports car rather than a supercar, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. However, the biggest advantage that it has, compared to modern counterparts, is the fact that F355 is old-fashioned.

From the finest leather used everywhere, to the unavoidable pop-up headlights, this vehicle is a true throwback icon. Is it perfect? Most certainly not. However, it’s everything a supercar is supposed to be. It’s fun, crazy and quirky, just like your best friend. Can you put a price tag on that?

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