Here’s Why Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Is The Boss Among Luxury Cars!

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While rich individuals enjoy showing off their expensive sports cars, the wealthy ...

While rich individuals enjoy showing off their expensive sports cars, the wealthy ones ride in luxurious limousines such as this Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe! Honestly, with the levels of extravagance this behemoth is offering, can you really blame ’em?

Rolls was never known for their flamboyant design, but Phantom Coupe definitely has a special charm about it. With clearcut design and stunning LED headlights, it is truly a breathtaking machine! Naturally, the craftsmanship displayed on every single corner is second to none in the automotive world. From the finest wood and leather on the inside, to a brilliant suspension setup, Phantom Coupe has it all.

With the price of over $500,000 at the moment, you wouldn’t exactly expect anything else but the best. A massive V12 6.75 liter engine under the hood, which develops 453 horsepower, and despite the curb weight of 5,710 lbs, this vehicle is no joke when it comes to performances!

At the end of the day, in case you searched for an all-rounder which provides insane levels of luxury and style, look no further. We got the champ right here!

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