Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day…A Dog Riding A Bike!

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This owner of Norman the trained dog has really put some work and now it is paying ...

This owner of Norman the trained dog has really put some work and now it is paying off. And she managed to teach the dog how to ride the bicycle and it is very cute too.

This is the children’s small bike but it is like made for a dog and Norman loves this bike too. Seems like the dog is very happy to be on the bicycle or he just wants to make his owner happy.

The fluffy trained dog now rides this bike on the instruction of his owner and trainer, and he enjoys the ride too. How cool it is to see a dog on the bike?

Before this one we have seen many small and the big dogs that like the bike, but this owner is riding it and they sit in the basket or in the backpack of the owner.

Usually those dogs wear the helmet too and they enjoy the green drive around the city. It’s like running but without any hustle.

There were some cats too who love the bicycling sport, and most of them are usually scared by it and don’t want to see it again.

Many trainers envy the proud owner of Norman the trained dog because they cannot teach their dogs to ride the bike.

Now we bet that there will be the fight between the children and the dog, who will ride this bike first is the reason for fighting.

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