This Hilarious Stock 2009 Scion Hides A Nitrous Package On The Inside!

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Matt Farah has tested a ton of wild custom cars so far, but this 2009 Scion is ...

Matt Farah has tested a ton of wild custom cars so far, but this 2009 Scion is definitely among the funniest builds yet. Seriously, upon checking out this hilarious vehicle, we guarantee you’re gonna bust a smile. Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As you might have assumed, the owner is a 21-year-old kid looking to have some fun. He originally bought this Scion as a salvage car for only $1,800 after his Mustang broke down. However, a nitrous bottle was simply left behind, so he decided to create a monster!

On a side note, it’s not hard to realize that the stock Scion is far away from a proper sports car, only sporting 128 horsepower from its tiny 1.8L engine. Still, with the nitrous bottle in the back, the horsepower output climbs to 180, which is still a laughable number, but more than enough to have fun.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw such a funny build? Matt definitely seemed to enjoy it, and trust me, so will you, after you click on the video below!

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