Hold My Beer We’re Going For A Fast And Dangerous Shortcut!

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Pushing the wrong pedal can laad to the disastrous outcome, but this Russian ...

Pushing the wrong pedal can laad to the disastrous outcome, but this Russian driver managed an epic save.

Filmed on the dash-mounted camera, the woman was approaching the crossing, but instead of slowing down, she ended up pushing the gas pedal.

This driver came inches away from rear-ending the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, yet somehow swerved passed three other vehicles and missed two parked vehicles, before going up the small hill and landing on another street, continuing her commute like nothing happened! Another normal day in Russia!

Fortunately, nobody was injured during the incident, and all vehicles seem to have escaped with absolutely no scratches, unlike the similar episode from last summer, when another driver was suspected of mistaking the gas pedal for the brake, while taking the Mercedes-Benz GLE out for the test drive, in Arlington, Virginia.

In that instance, the $60,000 SUV didn’t even leave a parking lot, as it instantly crashed into four other vehicles, before rolling onto its side.

During the mess, the dealership worker was consulted for the possible injury to his back.

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