Holden VL Calais With A Turbo Boost Makes An Awesome Burnout!

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We don’t know the gearhead that doesn’t like burnouts! There is ...

We don’t know the gearhead that doesn’t like burnouts! There is nothing better than the awesome burnout performed in the inappropriate place!

Tire tread may go into oblivion but it is very well worth it when that glorious blue-gray cloud of smoke is produced! It’s overwhelmingly exciting!

Doing the burnout is the greatest way of having fun with friction while retaining your pants zipped! The amount of tire smoke done by this Holden is massive in the video below!

So massive that the whole Holden is actually covered in smoke! The vehicle that is performing this burnout is the Holden VL Calais. A very popular vehicle in Australia. This Holden VL Calais car that you’ll bask upon doing an awesome burnout is definitely no ordinary Holden!

We suspect the engine fitted in this Holden is the 4.0L 6 cylinder Ford Barra engine with one hell of the sick turbo! These Ford Barra 4L engines are absolutely phenomenal!

You can very well see the engine because the hood of this Holden is removed for this video! We are not quite sure about the turbo fitted in that engine though.

But we are going to make the guess anyway. We suspect it may be the Garret GTX 45 or maybe the Garret GTX 47! You are going to witness this awesome burnout right when the turbo boost hits!

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