Holy Blazeballs, This Video Of A Porsche 911 R Will Thrill Your Earholes

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There is always going to be THE faster, prettier or even more exciting car than ...

There is always going to be THE faster, prettier or even more exciting car than the Porsche 911 R , but very few of them will reach the same desirability levels. Well, SportAuto takes us for a drive in one, releasing this awesome video, only driving on the road, the track and then back on a road, letting the 500 horsepower 4.0-litre flat-six fill our ears with its melodies.

The Porsche GT3-RS engine is now paired to a bespoke six-speed manual gearbox and the whole vehicle has been developed purely for the driver’s enjoyment, be it on the road or on track. With 500 horsepower having to move just 1,370kg (3,020 pounds) and the best of the best responsible for tuning the chassis, the Porsche 911R is perhaps one of greatest Porsches ever made.

It is no wonder that people are already willing to pay close to half the million dollars, according to reports for one of the 991 units. Damn, what a car, what a driver!

Driving that fast on windy mountain roads with those kinds of drop offs…I’d have been terrified, no matter how good the driver!

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