Holy Cow! RV Drags A Pickup Truck In Park For 6 Miles

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Advancements in science and technology have led to the discovery of several cures ...

Advancements in science and technology have led to the discovery of several cures for diseases but do you know one thing no science can probably cure? Stupidity. Here’s one manifestation of it that’s likely one of the dumbest you’ll see, and it’s an RV towing and dragging a pickup truck in park for 6 miles.

It sure takes a special kind of dumb dragging a vehicle in park for 6 miles like what the driver of this RV did. The driver may not have realized the pickup was in park, but only a deaf wouldn’t hear the squealing of rubber not to mention the feeling of lack of power.

And the end-result? The rear tires look a total junk, and so are the rims it was on. Also, the rear diff, as well as the transmission, definitely wasn’t too happy about it. Probably left both in rough shape with several joints needing repairs.

Well, everyone makes mistakes but what makes this RV driver deserving of what happened is his ego and pride. The act may be stupid but what’s more than stupid is his reaction. Even after being told what was happening, he still continued. He doesn’t want to admit his mistake, so he has to save face.

If you want a good laugh from a certified idiot and dumb, here’s one you can enjoy. Check it out!

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