Holy Shit! This Is Hilarious! He Watched Too Much ‘Mr Bean’

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Have you ever wondered what automotive equivalent of shaving your beard is? Sure, ...

Have you ever wondered what automotive equivalent of shaving your beard is? Sure, this has all the chances in the world to be one of those questions nobody asked. And it only means we have got an answer for you.

We will be taking you all the way to Russia to shed some light on this matter. However, this isn’t a dashcam footage we have learned to associate with Russian driving maneuvers. Instead we’re dealing with CCTV footage, as the story takes place in the parking lot.

It all revolves around the Daihatsu driver who was supposed to make the simple parking exit. You know, the kind you could always be asked to perform and while taking your driving test.

Instead of maneuvering his Daihatsu Sirion out of a parking spot and driving away, this guy shaves off the front apron, using the vehicle next to him in the process. Sure, he triggers the alarm of the stationary car, but this doesn’t seem to bother the man.

He simply steps out of the vehicle, offers the fallen bumper the shotgun ride and drives away. However, anybody that’s tried to fit the bumper inside a car will tell you that you need the bit of time to make it fit in the cabin.

Since this guy was making the run for it, he didn’t have that time. And he chose to leave the passenger’s door open in order to allow a bumper to accompany him throughout his journey.

This meant that his vehicle suddenly went from pint-sized to Humvee-scale, well, at least in terms of width. So did he adjust his driving?

Nope, he simply touched another vehicle (at least that’s what the footage seems to show) before figuring out a door needs to be at least half closed. Oh, and he used no shaving cream throughout the process.

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