Honda S2000 Driver Goes ’Nuts At Traffic Lights

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Have you ever felt the need to leave some rubber on asphalt in plain daylight, at ...

Have you ever felt the need to leave some rubber on asphalt in plain daylight, at the red light? Well, we would like to believe that if you did, you suppressed your urge to do so, and this guy didn’t.

Behind the wheel of the Honda S2000 with New York license plates, the man was captured on the dash-mounted camera burning rubber.

The stunt scared a man on the scooter, who quickly moved out of his way, annoyed another fellow motorist, who kept honking for the few good seconds, until the roadster drove off, leaving the haze of tire smoke.

Now, if the video below has made you lust for the Honda S2000, then get ready to drop more than $15,000 for the decent example, while low mileage, facelifted models can command ove $20,000.

And let’s not forget that there have been quite a few rumors about the possible successor of the roadster too, the last of which talks about the presentation before the end of the decade.

Powering it could be the 2.0-liter four-banger, producing more than 320 hp.

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