Horrific Crash Of The “Bugzilla” At The Drag Race But The Driver Was Ok

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All of us who persistently follow everything related to drag racing know a thing ...

All of us who persistently follow everything related to drag racing know a thing or two about that crazy Beetle called the Bugzilla.

Unfortunately, racing at the last event Lights Out At 8 at South Georgia Motorsports Park this week, the Bugzilla crashed. Badly. Driver Ron Clark lost control just after crossing the finishing line at the ⅛ of a mile race he competed in. The v-8 powered machine couldn’t be saved.

It hit a wall and rolled over it. Luckily, Ron Clark was not injured in this horrifying accident. He walked away from it proving that safety is the most important part of drag racing.

Bugzilla did finish the race in 5.059 seconds at a trap speed of 137.43 mph. A whole lot of potential energy in a fast moving Beetle, unfortunately, resulted in an insane number of rollovers before the car reached a standstill. The medical team did, in fact, sent Ron Clark to a hospital, but only for evaluation purposes. He is OK.

As for the Bugzilla, it seems we won’t be seeing it anymore. This crash only further proves that safety levels of the high-speed drag racing series have risen dramatically. And they have to be improved even more – until it becomes a virtual impossibility to have a crash like this. It’s hard, but it is definitely possible.

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