Horrific Crash At Illegal BMW E36 V10 And 1,300hp Golf V10 Race

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Illegal drag racing is a thing in the US, in Germany and in any other country in ...

Illegal drag racing is a thing in the US, in Germany and in any other country in the world too. Kosovo included. A small car enthusiasts team in a small European country (or whatever it is) of Kosovo have had long time presence on YouTube.

They revealed some insane Golf Audi RS6 swaps and insanely tuned cars, but the latest video coming from Kosovo is not all sunshine and rainbows.

1300hp Golf RS V10 driver challenged the BMW e36 driver for a race on the highway. Everything started quite good for the Golf driver as he surged forward with insane power at his disposal.

However, the BMW driver was not so lucky. He lost control of the car at high speeds and the Beemer started to slide to the side hitting the protection fence. The video is not of best quality, but it is easy to see that the crash was horrific, to say the least.

Both cars are quite special. The old Beemer received a V10, possibly from the E60 M5, but it obviously isn’t a match for the insane Golf V10.

This one has an RS6 engine tuned to 1,300hp. It is estimated that the monster Golf can achieve 62 mph in 2.5 seconds.

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