Horrifying Test Against A Modern Car Shows Why Nissan Tsuru Is Dead

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The long-running Nissan Tsuru is about to head into a junkyard in the sky, despite ...

The long-running Nissan Tsuru is about to head into a junkyard in the sky, despite being Mexico’s least-expensive new vehicle. This crash test video is the reason why it’s going away.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on Monday released the offset frontal crash test between a Nissan Tsuru and the 2016 Nissan Versa Sedan, the least-expensive new vehicle sold in the U.S. right now.

Considering the Nissan Tsuru lacks airbags and is essentially the early-’90s design that’s been lightly updated over the last couple of decades, and it’s understandably going to end up in worse shape than the comparatively modern Versa.

But the way the Nissan Tsuru crumples as the Versa slams into a left side of its front end shows how small vehicles have advanced over the last 25 years. A Versa may weigh more than the Tsuru, but it has the full array of airbags, its passenger compartment has been better strengthened and designed to absorb impacts.

The Tsuru also failed a Latin NCAP crash test earlier this year, and scoring absolutely zero stars out of five. Officials then urged Nissan to stop selling the car ahead of new legislation forcing automakers to sell safer cars with modern safety engineering.

Oddly enough, and Nissan will show prospective buyers models like a Versa once Tsuru production ends in April. For now, you can watch the video yourself.

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