Hot Girls Show For Car People Having Fun With Cones And Exhausts

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YouTube certainly has a number of strange channels. Some are cool and fun, some ...

YouTube certainly has a number of strange channels. Some are cool and fun, some serious and informative, while some are just dumb. We do not know which category is the best for the YouTube channel called the WooHooo girls.

As it turns out, two rich Slovakian girls who love cars decided to make a youtube channel. They even drive a freaking Koenigsegg CCX. Now, they are not making standard car reviews or anything like that but do play around drifting, having fun with sports cars and enjoy life.

This time they showed us how car people entertain themselves. It turns out, the only thing car people need for entertainment is a cone. And a few awesomely powerful supercars, musclecars and others of course. Girls used cones trying to amplify the sound the engine produces.

They actually just stick the narrow end of a cone in the exhaust of some random cars (like Ford Mustang, Alfa GT, Mercedes SL and Audi R8) trying to see what would happen. And you know what!? Alfa Romeo did a better job than the R8 and the SL. But the muscle cars are the winners. With cone or without it, the sound is simply biblical.

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