Hot Lindsay Plays The $100 Game In A Lambo, She Packs A Surprise

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Not a few people have played a bill game in one way or another, even if the ...

Not a few people have played a bill game in one way or another, even if the internet is filled with these attempts, not that many take place in a Lamborghini Huracan.

Usually when someone is trying to reach over to either the windscreen, a dashboard or the glove compartment during the sudden bursts of acceleration, they lose.

And that’s partly due to the pre-tensioned seatbelts and partly due to laws of the physics – if the vehicle has enough ponies, it’s hard to beat the acceleration forces.

Well, we won’t be spoilers and tell you how this attempt of grabbing the $100 bill went, and except for the fact that it was challenging enough, and as besides those tricky pre-tensioners, we are looking at an Italian supercar with no less than 610 PS (602 horsepwer) at its disposal.

That should be more than enough grunt to ensure the driver wins, right? Bro, your not supposed to play that game with a stock Lambo, spend 100 grand on the engine then play it again, if it wasn’t for the seat belt tensioner she could of grabbed it at any time…

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