HoverSeat Hoverboard Attachment With Manual Handle Operation

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Have you ever had a chance to try and drive the Hoverboard? You probably have, and ...

Have you ever had a chance to try and drive the Hoverboard? You probably have, and you might have faced all the difficulties that go along with it.

Driving the Hoverboard is not the easy task for sure. You need hours of practice as well as the great balance, wearing some protective equipment at the beginning is probably the smart idea.

Many people have failed it, and failed it hard, and numerous videos appeared on YouTube of people falling and even getting some serious injuries. These guys have come up with the solution to this problem, they invented the HoverSeat.

Their product offers the chance for people to experience the Hoverboard in the safe way, as well as the solution for people with disabilities.

This HoverSeat is practical, versatile, comfortable and has many more practical uses. Getting around in the cost-effective way is one of the primary advantages.

It is made out of the light weight aluminum measuring 30 wide and 37 in width, it weights just over 10lb. It is easy to install, and it can take up to 250lb and mounting the beach chair is an easy task.

You can attach cooler to it, even the kayak or paddle boards, but the best thing is that you can attach the second HoverSeat to it!

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