HSV GTS Destroyed By Red-Light Running Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius and a Holden HSV GTS make for one of the most contrasting pairs ...

The Toyota Prius and a Holden HSV GTS make for one of the most contrasting pairs of auto industry. While the Prius kills any form of enjoyment behind a wheel in its otherwise successful attempts to protect the green bits that grow where a tarmac ends, Holden’s 575 horsepower two-ton performance sedan pretty much does the opposite.

Given this, you wouldn’t expect Toyota’s hybrid to be able to threaten, and let alone destroy, Holden’s burnout machine. However, when such verbs are used in their literal sense, well, the Toyota works as the 2,965 lb (1,345 kg) weapon.

We are talking about an accident that saw the Prius driver running the red light and leaving Australia with one less HSV GTS in the process.

While this Prius driver is obviously at fault here, the Holden’s unfortunately large A-pillar didn’t allow its driver to see this Toyota more quickly (the dash cam has the different angle, being mounted closer to the windshield).

Despite the HSV guy waiting for the few seconds after the lights had turned green, this accident happened.

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