Huge Explosion To Seat Tire After Attempting To Inflate A Big Truck Tire Using Starter Fluid And A Torch!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We are all having the problems with seating the tire on the rim, and we mean us ...

We are all having the problems with seating the tire on the rim, and we mean us who change the tires at home and we don’t want to spend money on the professionals to do the work for us.

There are few ways in which you can seat the tire on the rim with ease, and this clever guy has chosen the worst way possible. He took the tire, and placed it on the rim and the one side was not seated so he could not pump the tire.

What he did is he took a flammable gas and sprayed it into the tire and onto the rim. He was going after the small explosion which will hopefully pump the tire the little bit and the tire would get seated on the rim in no time.

But in the process, he put the little bit too much of the flammable gas in the tire, when he caused a spark with the flame thrower, this tire went ballistic and exploded like the small bomb.

After the explosion that tire was caught on fire, he was blowing in order to put it off. Best way of seating the tire possible.

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