This Huge Sprint Car Crash Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

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We have heard the expression fly around the track, and this is ridiculous. When it ...

We have heard the expression fly around the track, and this is ridiculous. When it comes to the dangerous motorsport disciplines, sprint car racing is in the league of its own. And why?

Because some of these loud, exciting and the extremely fast vehicles weigh approximately 640 kg and develop between 700 and 1100 horsepower – depending on the class they are in.

Austin Williams’ vehicle is the top-tier 410 non-wing variant, which means it’s animated by the 410ci (6.7-litre), naturally aspirated American V8, capable of revving up to 9000rpm, and while boasting the full-fat 1100 horsepower figure.

That translates into the power to weight ratio that greatly exceeds that of the Formula 1 car, and its short-wheel-base requires the compact track to race on (usually left-biased). That is why most of the vehicles have larger diameter wheels on the right.

Due to their unbalanced nature and the power delivery, these automobiles are hard to control on the dirt surfaces, requiring constant throttle adjustment and finesse (especially the non-winged versions which lack popper aerodynamic downforce).

Add the mind-boggling speed into the mix, sometimes in excess of 160mph, and you have got the recipe for disaster – as Austin Williams demonstrated.

During the qualifying run at Perris Auto Speedway in California, Williams attempted to drift around the corner when his car started to tilt and flip over.

But the occurrence wasn’t your regular flip, as the vehicle bounced off the ground, launching into the air, straight over the 22-foot catch fence. Luckily, this driver escaped unharmed, albeit he was little sore after this accident.

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