Hundreds Of Cars Set On Fire During New Year’s Celebrations In Paris

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The French are the perfect example of how stereotypes about the culture can be ...

The French are the perfect example of how stereotypes about the culture can be wildly inaccurate. As the story goes, the French are much more at home locking lips under Eiffel Tower while snacking on wine, baguettes, and cheese than they are causing mayhem on the city streets, well, but video evidence proves otherwise.

That is because the French has the strangest tradition of celebrating New Year’s in the very tumultuous way: by lighting vehicles on fire.

Somehow we don’t think this helps Paris’ pollution problem. Well, as 2016 descended into 2017, French partygoers set vehicles ablaze across the nation for no apparent reason other than to enjoy a light show.

In total, 650 vehicles were torched ensuring that families reliant on their vehicles for daily commutes, as well as proud vehicle owners alike, woke up to the terrible first day of the new year.

A statement posted to Twitter by the French Ministry of the Interior claimed that the total of 454 people was arrested with 301 of them being charged with vehicular arson.

These numbers indicate the decrease in the trend, but the fact that it endures may mean that it is here to stay for French vehicle owners to endure.

According to RT, the practice began in the 90’s when the poor would torch cars as the way of expressing social discontent.

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