Huracan Lost It While Racing With The Grand Cherokee SRT And Spun Up

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This 35-second video will prove only one thing – drag racing is much, much ...

This 35-second video will prove only one thing – drag racing is much, much tougher than it seems. So many things have to be just right for a fast car to make a proper launch and finish the race in a rational manner.

Testing the super powerful Lamborghini Huracan against the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT could have ended up in a disaster if the driver was not very fast to react and hit the brake.

See, after launching the Huracan has a tendency to steer a bit to the left. The driver did straighten it, but it turns out a bit too much. Next thing you know, the car starts its spinning dance, but with a firm press of the brake the driver successfully slowed it down. Lambo only made an 180-degree spin stopping just in time before hitting a fence.

Now, it may be that the launch control did not work properly, maybe even the tires weren’t balanced properly, but the most reasonable explanation would be that the surface was a bit off at one side giving a bit more resistance compared to the other side.

Now, these are all just theories, but the fact is that this could happen to anyone anywhere, so please be aware and try to finish the race without losing the back end of your car.

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